Covering a large space perfectly

240sqm to Maximum 1121sqm

Dream Energy, Photocatalyst Titanium UV LED Air Purifier

  • Eco-friendly UV LED module

  • Odor/ Pollutant Removal

  • 4-step filtering system

  • 99.9% removal of bacteria and viruses

  • No Ozone

  • Low noise BLDC motor design

Photocatalyst Technology (PCO Technology)

Mechanism of Photocatalyst

  • 1

    Illuminate the UV rays to Photocatalyst

  • 2

    Electronics (e-), hole (h+) create

  • 3

    Electronics and hole react with oxygen (O2) and water (H2O) in the atmosphere

  • 4

    Form anions (O2-) and Hydroxy radical (-OH) production

  • 5

    Contact Various harmful substances and then cause complete decomposition

  • 6

    Harmless to human body (H2O) and converted to carbon dioxide (CO2)

When photosynthetic light is received, chlorophyll (chlorophyll) is catalyzed to generate oxygen to purify the forest. Likewise, photocatalysts cause oxidation and reduction reactions of ultraviolet rays of the sun and fluorescent lamps as energy sources. The photocatalyst also decomposes harmful substances and pathogenic bacteria into harmless water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2). It also eliminates odors at the same time.

ALCURE UV LED with photocatalytic Titanium Pro UV LED mounted on the air cleaner filter is completely decompose harmful substances, malodorous substances and other pathogenic bacteria than the principle of adsorption of contaminants, such as activated carbon filters used in conventional air cleaners. In addition, since only the substance that touches the surface of the photocatalyst titanium dioxide particle is decomposed, powerful decomposition is possible without affecting the human body like ozone. And the particle shape of the photocatalyst ball has fine pores, and it has excellent effect of catching bacteria in the air.

ALCURE UV LED air purifier with high durability, excellent deodorization and sterilization effect, has much higher air cleaning effect than conventional air filter of collective type.

Covering a large space perfectly

240sqm to Maximum 1121sqm

Dream Titanium Pro UV LED Filter Effects

Remove fine dust, particulates, bacteria, viruses, odors and VOCs

Titanium Pro UV Filter

  • Catalyst

    Without using a binder, the catalyst Titanium bead particles are uniform in size.

  • Filter with large air contact area

    The photocatalytic filter has a large surface area because of fine pores in the ball.

  • UV LED light Source

    On Photocatalytic Dioxide, high efficiency UV LED light source is applied.

UV Filter Effects

  • Fine Dust and Particulate Removal
  • Bacteria, Virus 99.995% Removal
  • VOCs (Formaldehyde removal)
  • No Ozone
  • Deodorization(smell of smoking etc.)

Covering a large space perfectly

The Perfect Air “ALCURE”

  • Using eco-friendly Photocatalyst beads filter

    1. Result of 15 years of research / Supported by Ministry of the Future Creation Science
    2. Photocatalytic ball filter developed by several National Universities (Honda Fujishima effect application technology)
  • Removal of air pollutants by light and titanium dioxide

    1. 99.99% Removes odor and harmful gas by decomposition
    2. 99.99% Bactericidal effect for decomposing pathogenic bacteria (quick disinfection using UV LED)
    3. Secondary product zero due to air pollutant removal
  • Four-steps filtering system for perfect Air Purification

    • Step1 (Prefilter)
    • Step2 (Carbon filter: fine dust, odor and bacteria removal)
    • Step3 (PM2.5 HEPA filter: fine dust removal)
    • Step4 (UV LED Photocatalytic filter: residual odor and bacteria decomposition removal)
  • Semi-permanent Photocatalytic filter

    • Reuse of photocatalytic filter by quarterly cleaning with self-cleaning effect of photocatalytic filter
  • Verified various tests through strict testing

    • 99.9% VOC removal and 30% removal of radioactivity in air

4Steps - Filtering System

Restrictions of Photocatalyst, HEPA & Carbon filters

  • STEP1


    Hair, fiber, dust and etc. Large particles of pollutants Capture.
  • STEP2

    Carbon Filter

    With powerful suction power Odor and harmful gas are purified first. with activated carbon Safe purification of odor / organic compounds (VOCs) / Tobacco smoke / chemicals.
  • STEP3

    HEPA Filter

    Perfect collection force that does not miss even the ultrafine dust. The HEPA 13 grade purifies up to 99.99% of a 0.3 micron ultra- tenant, such as fine dust / mite mold.
  • STEP4

    Titanium Pro UV

    Titanium ball UV LED technology purifies gas secondly. harmful Photocatalyst Titanium Pro UV LED filter system is a clean system that decomposes materials (viruses, bacteria, fungus spores, etc.) that cause rhinitis, dermatitis, allergy, conjunctivitis and respiratory diseases and reduces them to water and carbon dioxide.
  • STEP4

    Ion Cluster Module

    Removes viruses, pollen and bacteria from the air

Photocatalyst Air Purifier Sterilization Performance

99.99% Sterilization of bacteria, viruses / Influenza viruses

- Evaluation agency: Japan Medical and Environmental Research Center of Kitasato Institute

Inlet & Outlet Comparison of concentration

Test Result (After 30 minutes)

- Bacteria: CFU/ml, Virus: TCID /ml

  1. Escherichia coli : 99.9997% Removal
    • - Before Measurement (X 106 ) : 516 ± 2.0
    • - After Operation (X 102 ) : 51 ± 1.0
  2. MRSA, Yellow staphylococcus: 99.9998% Removal
    • - Before measurement (X 106 ) : 123 ± 2.0
    • - After Operation(X 102 ) : 21 ± 1.5
  3. Serratia marcescens : 99.997% Remove
    • - Before Measurement (X 106 ) : 135 ± 1.0
    • - After Operation(X 102 ) : 36 ± 0.5
  4. Influenza viruses A: 99.921%
    • - Before Concentration (TCID) : 105.5
    • - After Concentration(TCID) : 102.4

Why chosen the ALCURE?

Comparison of Air clean filter systems

Item Passive (Collection) Active (Decomposition) Collection+Decomposition
Clean Filter System HEPA Filter Carbon Filter Prasma Ozon Photocatalyst HEPA+
UV Photocatalyst
Fine Dust Removal x x x x
Harmful Gases Removal x
Sterilization x
Secondary Produts
Saturation release
Ozon, Lower Fatty acids
Lower Fatty acids
Saturation release
Ozon, Electric shock
Ozon, Chlorine


Model Name A240D A400D A350D A800D A1100D
Air Volume (m3/hr) 1,920 3,276 3,498 6,336 9,000
Air Volume (m3/min) 32 54.6 58.3 105.6 150
Dust Collection Efficiency (%) 98.5% 99.3% 98.5% 97.9% 97.7%
Filter Structure Free + H13 (PM0.3 - 99.97%) + Carbon + PCO (Titanium + UV LED)
PM2.5 Removal ability (m3/min) 31.5 54.2 57.4 103.4 146.6
Purity Area (m3) 240 407 440 799 1,121
Power Consumption (W) 210 300 400 900 1,100
Size (WxHxD/mm) 800*1500*275 800*1500*285 1000*1900*450 1000*1900*450 1180*1900*450

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